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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 390 south

Instructions and Help about 390 south

Okay we're ready to boot the mainframe except first you don't go to mainframe you IPL it that's IBM language IPL initial program loot we're going to do it from tape here's the tape we're going to use the standard normal eater that this one contains a program called I seek a DSM which is the disk initialization program we use this too if you like format or prepare the disks for an operating system to be installed so we insert the tape this is the big difference between this machine and a multi prize mm this machine is an internal tape drive right here you pop the tape in we're going to wait for lunch to load onto the second or two we return to the support element the service element or whatever it is called this week to boot the machine navigate to the appropriate task list we wants the CPC recovery central coaches are complex then we go to gurus there's only one processor and we select images because there could be multiple system images on this machine psyche virtual machine Santa with only one image to find at the moment that's the image we're going to boot so we go to Lord nice already fill that we're gonna go move the dress zero five zero zero which is the team okay wherever the load in progress to start a pretty small the tape drive complete it now here's the mainframe this pc here is the support element which is like the bios just starts and stops the mainframe and configures it how do we talk to this program we've started well we can't do that directly on a mainframe the big blue cables are the channel cables channel cables go to a 31 74 lat box the little red flashing light for a second that is a communications processor a front-end and in order to talk to a terminal it has to talk through this box through the channel cables to the mainframe let's go to the terminal it's in my study which is full of Jack here's the terminal there classic 32 79 color screen switch it on it's showing 505 which means no communications so we do it attention oh there we go clear screen when ready here we go I see K 0 0 5 e message from I seek KD s F I'm gonna set this is the console Oh anyone's have a patient push console and output device console there we go I see KD SF November 3rd 2021 ready to go.