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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing list of interstate highways

Instructions and Help about list of interstate highways

All new tonight it's the deadliest interstate in the US and some of you probably take it everyday we're talking about I for an ABC action news reporter Cameron Pullum tells us how high the death rate is and why it shows no signs of slowing down you got the text game on the phone driving too close to the other car km gaben it drives us nuts if you really want to know how dangerous I for is everybody says a little prayer before they get out there just ask the folks who make their living on it just last week directly in front of me a car crashed right into a truck directly in front of them because they weren't paying attention for truckers the stretch of road running from Tampa to Daytona Beach is their bread and butter but a new study released Wednesday says they're literally risking their lives every time they get behind the wheel the cause distracted drivers it's a daily occurrence on on every Highway in the nation but according to the numbers I for reign supreme the highway that connects I 275 to i-95 has had nearly one-and-a-half fatalities per mile over the last six years making the 132 mile stretch the deadliest in the nation no I'm not surprised as the deadliest some of the things we see on a daily basis are quite amazing from drivers falling asleep at the wheel to passing on the median it's an unending battle to stay alive but at least one driver we spoke with believes he's got the solution the only way to solve this problem is to have large fines five thousand dollars every time somebody is texting me being up so high I can clearly see that people aren't even looking at the road they're staring at their telephones the whole time in Tampa I'm Cameron Poland ABC Action News.