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Interstate 390 Form: What You Should Know

U.S. 15/Route 16. There are two entrances to the interstate at NY 53 — the northern and southern entrances. The northern entrance opens west and the southern entrance opens south. In addition to  U.S. 15, two other main roads and bridges cross the river from New Eng- land to northern New York. Two bridges cross U.S. 15, the NY-17 and NY-16. The NY-17 opened on February 26th of 2024 and was  dedicated in August. Jun 14, 2024 — Interchange 16 at Routes 15 and 15A, and I-390 at Routes 15 and 15A, re-opened following the July 6th, 2024 bridge opening. I-390 operates between the NY-1 (Rutgers/Newark)  route and Utica, NY. There are three major ramps — the northern ramps (Middlesex County) are on the north side, the southern ramps (Airport County)  are on the south side and the NY-16 ramp is on the east side. Jun 14, 2024 — I-390 at Route 15 (Route 16) was re-located to the north side of the NY 33 north ramp. Jun 14, 2024 — The route of U.S. 53 (Middlesex County) was removed from the Interstate. Route 53 north was closed after it was re-located to connect  route 16 with Route 16A/Route 16. I-390, I-95, and I-287 (US 90/Route 9) had to be relocated to keep the access corridor  open. Route 17 also was relocated to keep the access corridor open. Jun 14, 2024 — Interstate 390 was re-organized into the Intercounty Connector (I-390C) eastbound only. U.S. 13 was renamed the Intercity Connector (I-390). Route 23, which once  led to I-90 and U.S. 13 is now at Route 16. The northern two ramps at Route 16 (Middlesex County) were re-opened in the same  place as I-390C and were also renamed as the Intercounty Connector (I-390).  Jun 14, 2024 — The bridge at NY-16 (Rutgers) was re-opened.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Interstate 390

Instructions and Help about Interstate 390

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