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G 325a with i 130 Form: What You Should Know

USCIS | Form I-130 | I-485 | I-129F | Form I-129G ‚ÄĒ Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker¬† A few years back, the I-130 form made it possible to obtain immigration benefits (green cards, work permits) for a spouse without being married to that spouse. Now, its become¬†possible for a¬†spouse to file for permanent residency through Form I-130G, petition for a nonimmigrant worker. Its¬†good to¬†learn about your options before the¬†deadline. This article goes over how to file Form G-325G. It also contains information on the I-130 rules for spouses of non-permanent residents living in the United States. It also includes a summary of¬†several forms that need to be submitted if you are¬†applying for a non-immigrant visa in the United States. Its a good idea to consult with a lawyer before you start to think about applying for a visa. Learn about the forms below: Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker (form G-225/G-225P/G-325G) A petition for a nonimmigrant alien worker is a new (applicable to foreign national spouses who already have green cards) method to petition for a nonimmigrant worker (a job) visa. A spouse seeking a residence visa must file another form, the petition for a nonimmigrant worker, with USCIS. This form has a number of requirements, including your marital status, citizenship status, and employment with a U.S. employer, and must be filed with USCIS by July 15, 2018. Learn about filing Form G-225/G-225P/ G-325G: The spouse must submit an application for a U.S. visa or nonimmigrant workers visa application. The petition form contains three parts that must be completed together. Part 1 outlines information about the application for a U.S. visa. Part 2: It describes the relationship between you and the U.S. employer (the applicant for the worker's visa). Part 3: Describes the reason for your employment with the employment company. See more in Part 1. Applicants must provide evidence that they will not engage in any acts or practices that will result in substantial interference with the work of the U.S. employers. Failure or delay may result in denial.

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FAQ - G 325a with i 130

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