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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What is an interstate highway

Instructions and Help about What is an interstate highway

It's just bunk the fact is we got rid of streetcars because people hated the streetcar most recur lines in America were privately owned they were disastrous they were poorly maintained they ran late they smelled by the late 30s there were so many cars on the roads it was quite clear that that the American people had decided that they were going to be they were going the automotive route we had really bad traffic in the 1930s in the United States traffic that makes today's tie-ups look pretty tame in most cases you know there was a one-point an eighty four mile backup outside of New York City which is just a bit mind blowing the fact that it emerged during his his presidency after he had done a lot of talking about highways really kind of won him the credit for something that in fact stretched back decades and was fully formed was on paper pretty much in the form that that we know the interstates as today while he was still fighting fighting Germany have insurance or two these autobahns because they did not venture into German cities but instead went to the frontiers of Germany's neighbors you know France Poland what not that the this highway system was not being developed for use by Germans just going about their everyday business this was a military network and and so the Americans came home having concluded that there you know while it was pretty there were really very few lessons to be to be learned from the Autobots I can't tell you how many times I've heard that the the interstate highway system is as a copy is you know an idea ripped off from Hitler's engineers it's it's simply not true a federal technocratic you pied the top spots in American highways in the federal government for 34 years and under six presidents I think guy named Thomas Harris McDonald his big contribution was that he was a engineers engineer he deserves a probably be single biggest place in an American Highway history they came up with they put a tax on gasoline and put a tax on diesel put a tax on tires for tax on sales tax on buses and trucks actually the secretary of the Treasury George Humphrey who came up with the with the idea of structuring it and having this this tax money dumped into a trust fund much like social securities and and setting it up so that the states could only draw from this trust fund when the money was available so that really proved to be the the key to the whole thing the trust fund enabled the country to build it without going into debt which is pretty remarkable it's changed where we live how we live what we do for a living what we eat how we enjoy our leisure hours you saw the rise of long-distance trucking which completely changed everything and long-distance.


What is the difference between a US highway and an interstate highway?
What is the difference between a US highway and an interstate highway? What is the symbol for an interstate highway? What is the standard lane width on an interstate highway? What is the only U.S. state that does not have an interstate highway? Who decides what logos go on an interstate highway exit sign? What’s the difference between an interstate and a highway? What is the most populous city in the lower 48 states of the US that does not have an interstate highway anywhere in its metropolitan area? What should the police do when protesters block traffic on an interstate highway? When entering an interstate highway, what should you do?
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