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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing g-325c form pdf

Instructions and Help about g-325c form pdf

Hello and welcome to the G three-to-five biographic information tutorial what is the purpose of the G three-to-five biographic information form this form is to help the USCIS process your application / petition in the adjustment of status packet we will need to G three to five biographic information forms one biographic page from the sponsor and one from the applicant these forms are relatively easy and shouldn't take you guys too long let's get started go down to your internet browser open that up we're going to USCIS gov on the left hand side click forms and we are gonna go scroll down to the search bar below and we're going to type in biographic information click that and click go all right now we're gonna go down to the G 55 a in the middle-ages stands for applicant G 2 2 5 stands for sponsor we should have hit sponsor but they're both the same that doesn't matter where we are going now to download this so download the PDF we're going to drag it onto the desktop and we're gonna get rid of this browser open that up just like always we are going to adjust the size and the formatting of the PDF so go to a hundred percent and get rid of that bar on the right-hand side and we're going to fullscreen it alright this is for the sponsor so type in doe for the family name and for the first thing we're going to type in John middle name is going to be J our character is a mail-in date of birth so oh 9 / 25 / 1987 and then citizens / nationality USA file number we don't have a file number it's none unless you do you know you don't need to put that there other names used none city and country of birth USA well you're born Hama USA and then we're gonna go and type in their social it'll bit of information about where our parents who are parents aren't where they come from so first start off with the dad's name and we need and the mother's maiden name so doe for the dad and then Smith for the mother the dad's name is Ernest and the mother's name is Lisa date of birth the dad oh five 22 / 1965 and for the mother oh 1 31 1969 alright now we can just copy gear born USA because it's just asking again for the city and country if they've always resided in the same area their whole life and it's easy just copy and paste if not you're gonna want to tell them exactly where your parents came from so then current husband or wife family name and if it's a wife give their maiden name so Garcia because the wife of this sponsor or spouse is Garcia before first name is Jane date of birth is oh seven 25 1987 and the country city and.