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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to apply for asylum

Instructions and Help about how to apply for asylum

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is attorney sharp rally and we are going to talk about from immigration law hub and shop the shopper Eylau group we are bringing you a new video on asylum and the green card force IDs as you know once you get your Asylum application approved you after one year you're eligible to file for your green card many people don't know that and they let it go but still they can apply so you can apply it for one year and after one year when you apply it usually the backdated for another for that one year such as if you your green card has already started from that year and in case they don't do that you can always call them and check on them that means you get the one you towards your citizenship the reason it's recommended to apply for your green card is for one they are the country conditions if the country conditions change you might lose your asylum status and and that can actually hurt you because you won't get a chance to to do anything good and you will lose you might have to leave the country so the requirements to apply for this is you have been physically present in the United States for at least one year after being granted asylum it's physically present by the way so you have to show that you have to continue to meet the definition of an aside that means basically you have to meet they're still the life is kind of in danger but they don't they're not rats trick on that part but for children it becomes very important because if they pass certain age and they are not dependent they might have to file an on Frontline asylum that means an asylum on their own and also you have not abandoned you you asylees status this is another important thing because many people don't realize they become a Shiley and some of them will even like to travel to the country where they get they got their Asylum against the country which they got the asylum so it's not recommended because for one it shows that there might no longer be a danger for your life and to also you might put your life in danger by going to those countries and you also have to prove you have not firmly resettled in a foreign country because some people while an asylum they will file for what we call a for example Canadian immigration and they get their green card so that might not be helpful when you file for your green card and you have to be continued to be admissible to the United States oftentimes people don't realize that if they commit a crime that might actually make them removable and that becomes a problem or inadmissible so in this case sometimes you might need a waiver but hopefully you don't have to.