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How to apply for asylum Form: What You Should Know

You also can use Form I-589 (the main form) for withholding of removal under the Convention Against Torture. Please note that the United States already has an existing extradition treaty with many countries, and you will be required to satisfy the provisions of that treaty. This form is used to apply for asylum in the United States and for withholding of removal (formerly called ā€œwithholding of deportationā€). You do not have to complete an asylum application and have all the required forms and documentation if the asylum application is filed with USCIS in the United States. As already explained, you are free to submit any additional information regarding the facts and circumstances in support of your asylum claim at any time once the application is filed with USCIS. However, to receive consideration, the United States must receive and process the entireĀ  I-589Ā before you can apply for a withholding of removal of protection under the Convention Against Torture or for refuge under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. (Generally, you must demonstrate that you have a well-founded fear of serious harm in the country that you face, that is, the country must be in imminent danger of torture by a person exercising authority in that country, or that you have a well-founded fear of serious harm (by being arbitrarily detained, subject to death penalty or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment) if you are in the country and the conditions in that country do not meet the requirements of international human rights standards.) The reason for requesting asylum in the United States is that you have a well-founded fear of serious harm in the country in which you presently live. If you are in the United States and can reasonably establish that you have this fear, you should submit this evidence with your application, Form I-589, if you have not already done so in your home country. (You also can submit this with your asylum application when you apply for an extension of stay in the United States. You do not have to do this as soon as you enter the United States, but do submit it at that point; it will help if you do.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to apply for asylum

Instructions and Help about How to apply for asylum

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is attorney sharp rally and we are going to talk about from immigration law hub and shop the shopper Eylau group we are bringing you a new video on asylum and the green card force IDs as you know once you get your Asylum application approved you after one year you're eligible to file for your green card many people don't know that and they let it go but still they can apply so you can apply it for one year and after one year when you apply it usually the backdated for another for that one year such as if you your green card has already started from that year and in case they don't do that you can always call them and check on them that means you get the one you towards your citizenship the reason it's recommended to apply for your green card is for one they are the country conditions if the country conditions change you might lose your asylum status and and that can actually hurt you because you won't get a chance to to do anything good and you will lose you might have to leave the country so the requirements to apply for this is you have been physically present in the United States for at least one year after being granted asylum it's physically present by the way so you have to show that you have to continue to meet the definition of an aside that means basically you have to meet they're still the life is kind of in danger but they don't they're not rats trick on that part but for children it becomes very important because if they pass certain age and they are not dependent they might have to file an on...

FAQ - How to apply for asylum

How do I apply for asylum in Austria?
Travel there. On arrival say: I want to apply for asylum. You will ususllay be provided a translator and helped to fill out the forms.Be VERY sure that you are legally eligible or you will be sent back.Be careful to travel there directly, if you enter the EU elsewhere you have to apply at the brorder and might be sent anywhere in the EU.
What is it like to be a geek in a prison?
I'm a hacker who served 4.5 months of a 9 month sentence 5 years ago. I was in two jails in that time, spending the majority of the time in the second, lower security place. The experience totally changed me, but in a positive way.First of all, I actually had a lot of fun in jail. My education made certain aspects of the prison system very easy for me to navigate, such as legal documentation and debating with guards. My ability to mend broken electronics very quickly became known. These things made me feel very safe, since people were actively protecting me. It also made me feel quite important in the community.It started when someone came to me and asked what I knew about mending mobile phones. In UK jails, many people have mobiles, usually obtained by over-the-fence smuggling. Pay-as-you-go credit vouchers are a major form of currency. This guy was very important on the wing - he had a crew of other guys who walked around with him and people often came to pay him. I said I knew enough about phones, and what did he want? He explained that someone had owed him money but couldn't pay. He'd taken the guy's phone as payment, but the phone was pin-locked and he couldn't get in. The phone was an old Samsung, one which I knew (having previously owned one) didn't impose any limit on the number of pin attempts. So I told the guy: yeah, I know a few tricks. But I need to get my tools out so I'll do it overnight. (Note: I didn't have any tools). The guy left me with the phone overnight, and I sat up through the night to try all 10,000 possible 4-digit combinations. Thankfully, the correct code turned up in the mid 2000s. So the next day this guy turned up and was amazed that I had figured out the code. He went round telling everyone that I was some tech wizard and that people should always come to me with their problems. In return for the job he arranged for me to have a Playstation 2 in my cell for two weeks, and to get access to a phone whenever I wanted. For the rest of my time, people would bring me trivially broken electronics and I would retire for the evening to make it out like I was doing something difficult, then return the fixed item the next day. It massively increased my quality of life in there.Secondly, it opened my eyes to how people less fortunate than me live their lives, and how terrible the prison system is for most people. Many, many people in jail were severely mentally ill. There was no support for them. Some were killed in jail, either by inmates or staff, because they flipped out and people got scared. Another large group of people were hopelessly addicted to very harmful drugs. People who exploited this group were the most powerful - they would have drugs smuggled in, then build an army of addicts who would do their bidding to get the next fix. It was a really explosive situation. Almost every act of violence was drug debt related. Immigrants were completely screwed in jail, because there was no way for them to navigate the bureaucracy. I helped several people avoid deportation, including one cell-mate who had a hit contract out on him in Jamaica because he defended his business when yardies tried to extort him. He couldn't read or write, so he couldn't fill out the asylum application. His patois was so strong that his lawyer couldn't really understand what he said, and the border agency was going to send him back to Jamaica to be killed. I wrote letters to the border agency, the prison governor and the home secretary and he was granted asylum and an interpreter was arranged so that his legal visits would be more productive. Hundreds of others in similar situations go without that help every year.Thirdly, I saw some horrible things. For example: 'syruping' - when someone mixes sugar into a bucket of boiling water and dumps it on someone's face. The dissolved sugar makes the boiling water cling to the skin longer, and the skin peels off leaving the raw flesh exposed. I also saw someone held down by four guys, who performed anal surgery on him with a sharpened spoon to extract drugs he was hiding. He later maimed all four of his assailants, stabbing them in the neck with a pen (saw that too). Another was a guy who was clearly paranoid schizophrenic. His cell was opposite mine. He started screaming one night and barricaded himself in. He then stripped off and covered himself with baby oil, and started setting fire to his cell. The guards came in riot gear to tackle him, but he was so slippery it was like trying to catch an eel. He gave them the run around for quite a while before they eventually held him down and injected him* and he was carried away screaming. He died in hospital.Fourthly, I felt so ashamed of myself that I changed my life forever. I was a middle class white kid with a great education who got obsessed with hacking and document security as a teenager and went down for figuring out how to replicate the driving license, thus throwing away many of the advantages that luck, society and my parents had given me. Everyone else in there had no such advantages. Most of them were born to a life where poverty, drugs, violence and lack of education all being concentrated in their environment led to them being systematically channeled into prison. I was there essentially through misplaced intellectual curiosity, while others were there because their lives were so bad out of jail that crime was actually a rational survival choice. Society failed them, while it tried to hold me up with both hands. I was, and am, disgusted with myself. Upon leaving jail I learned programming, worked freelance to pay for my tuition while I got a degree, got a PhD position, and am now working towards spending my life using my skills as efficiently as I can to improve the lives of as many people as possible. If I ever have a lazy moment, I just have to cast my mind back to prison, and the disgust with myself rises up again, and I launch myself back into work with an energy I never knew I had before prison.Finally, I would say that my criminal record has not held me back. I no longer have to legally disclose it**, but when I did I always did so with a letter explaining some of the circumstances and how deeply it had affected my life. I had several positive comments about my disclosure, and I have never been turned down for a job I've applied for. It doesn't have to hold you back - your attitude has to convince a potential employer that your background makes you a great candidate, not a worse one.*This has been corrected: In my haste to write the post I previously wrote that a dart was used, when in fact it was a needle. Thanks to Marty Bee for pointing out that this was not likely.**For those who are curious, a conviction becomes 'spent' in the UK after a certain time. The times were recently reduced in a little publicised law (Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012), so my conviction was 'spent' after 48 months.
How do people confuse troops at our sovereign border denying entry to a group of individuals trying breach our border with a law against using the military to police US citizens? Is this not the implicit duty of our military?
No to the second question. The duty of the military is to fight wars, not war upon refugees asking for asylum.Let me amend that: One military was notorious for attacking refugees. Nazi Germany in WWII.Posse Commitatus actually says the military cannot be used to enforce civilian laws, or for law enforcement inside the US. Thatu2019s against citizens AND immigrants, whether without papers or not.And no, they are not trying to u201cbreechu201d the border. They are coming to the border to apply for asylum. That means sitting down and asking to fill out forms and go thru the process. That means they will NOT be so called u201cillegal immigrants.u201d They WILL be perfectly legal.
How's your experience migrating to Germany?
As an American who grew up with a love for German literature and the German language, I have always wanted to migrate to Germany. Now I have been living here the past 2+ years and am finding the whole process very difficult and frustrating.The first two years I was here as an exchange student, and thankfully my program took care of all of the legal stuff like visas and registering us, etc. Now that I have finished the program, graduated, and am trying to do everything on my own it is very difficult.In Germany you get the feeling that you are just supposed to know exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it. It is hard to find help in areas of life where you have not been engrained into the nuances after being born and living here your whole life. It can make integrating very difficult, as there may be small areas of how you react or interact in certain situations that are not acceptable to how one is culturally expected to react or interact in these situations.Aside from integrating though, the process is difficult: finding out where you need to register, what paperwork you need to have ready, everything you need to fill out, etc. can be very mentally exhausting and depressing at times. For instance, to apply for a workeru2019s visa, you have to give not only lots of information (as to be expected) but you also have to wait to get your job approved before you can acquire the visa. This approval is based upon whether or not a German citizen or individual with permanent residence could take the job instead (amongst other things) and it can make your feeling of worth really go down.On top of this, as an immigrant, you do not face the same opportunities of receiving aid. I tried to register at the official office for work, and because I already have a place of residence in Germany, they were unable to assist me in my job search. I was not looking for or expecting to get some financial assistance from the state, simply support in helping me find a job and integrating into German life, and it was denied. This in a country that is currently lacking in countless work force.So you are stuck in a new country whose customs you may not be completely understanding, trying to fight for yourself and find your way to stay here, meanwhile everyone around you seems to not understand nor care about the challenges you face.This is coming from someone who speaks the language and always loved the idea of living here. Perhaps I just had bad luck or missed out on information, but I have found it quite difficult to immigrate here simply because the system is quite complicated and the processes are quite difficult. If you do not speak the language, it can be even more terrible, because despite Germans supposedly being good at English, it has been very very hard for my non-German spekaing friends to find the help they need at the immigration office. Sometimes people can have no idea what is going on simply because no one can speak the international language at an office that should certainly be staffed with people who can.To put it into perspective, last month a Chinese man lost his passport and when he went to the authorities for help, he ended up unknowingly filling out a paper applying for asylum as a refugee and ended up spending some time admitted into a refugee camp. Now I do not know the specifics of how the error occured, but it just goes to show that problems in communication here are not all-too uncommon.Having said that, Germany is a lovely country. There are so many wonderful tihngs to see and experience, and once you find your way the quality of life is really good. You pay a lot in taxes for it, but to have wonderful health care that covers countless things and the ability to attend a university, even as a foreigner, for free is truly amazing. Sometimes the hard parts can get in the way and make it hard to see the good things, but there realy is a lot of good aspects to living here and if you ever have any more questions I would be happy to help!
How long does the processing time take to get a PR card if one was an asylum seeker?
Count on at least a year. You have to fill out the application forms completely and perfectly . If you are incomplete or an error, it is sent back and you start all over again. Once you get the PR card, the clock starts for you to apply for your citizenship. By the way, you will get your original passport back. But it is probably unwise to return to your home country to visit relatives.
How long does it take to from green card to US citizenship? Can you speed it up?
In order to get naturalized in the United States you need to:* Secure green card (permanent residency)* Live in the US for a certain amount of time* Apply for citizenship and get your application approvedOf the steps listed above, the most complicated part is getting your green card. You can get that in four ways:An employment-based green card. This process is done only through an US employer, but any person with extraordinary ability can also be self-sponsored. Keep in mind that UN never sponsors any green card, as it is not a US entity. All those who get their greencard through sponsorship through employer first start as employees of their companies, mostly under L-1 visa (intra-company transferee) or H-1B visa (temporary worker).Through some relative who is a US citizen (sibling, parent, married spouse or child), or a US permanent resident (married spouse or parent of a minor). The most immediate of all these options is through a above 21 US citizen child, a US citizen parent or a US citizen married spouse.Asylum/refugee process, for all those whou2019ve been persecuted in their home country.Diversity lottery, a process though which US grants 50,000 green cards to few lucky winners. Participation in this lottery is free.Once you have your green card, you must live continuously in the US. If you live with US citizen spouse, you will become eligible after three years for citizenship. Otherwise the duration is five years. Using form N-400, you can apply for naturalization 90 days earlier. Youu2019ll have to fill out a lengthy form, including names of all organizations youu2019ve been affiliated with (outside the US) in the past five years, be background checked and fingerprinted. You will also have to learn towards English and civic test (not that difficult), and take a test, be interviewed, and so on. Finally, in the end your oath ceremony will arrive. It is presided over by a federal judge where pledge of allegiance is said. You will sing The Star-Spangled Banner!If youu2019re interested in potentially applying for a green card you should visit us at LawTrades. Our legal marketplace makes the most sense when it comes to the immigration process. We have skilled on-demand attorneys available to guide you through the application process for much less than a law firm. Visit us for a free initial consultation! Best of luck.
How can I apply for asylum in New Zealand?
For a genuine Asylum Seeker it is a lot easier than for a refugee.Once you have safely tied up your boat.Make your way to the Refugee Status in Queen Street Auckland, pryour documents, if you have no money NZ Legal Aid will pra lawyer.In your documents you should show proof of why you require Asylum, if you have no proof of identity or reason for Asylum the process may drag out for years. However with proof you could be granted Asylum within days. Once is Asylum is granted you will have all sorts of legal rights, such as healthcare, the right to work etc.The reason why |I initially said tie up your boat, is that it will be extremely difficult without a boat for NZ to be your first country of entry once leaving your own country.Many Asylum Seekers think that they can come into NZ by Air and flush their passports and other documents down the toilet on the airplane. This does not work very well. As if you have no proof of Identity NZ is not sure who it is granting Asylum to. Also CCTV in Airports etc now make it easy to trace Asylum seekers origins. Thus while they are being processed they will be imprisoned for illegal entry then returned to their own country.
How hard is it to seek asylum in the US?
I echo Adamu2019s response. But seriously, it is VERY EASY to apply for asylum.. just walk to an American Embassy, fill out the paperwork Adam indicates in his response, and right on the spot, the Embassy personnel will make a quick assessment as to the threat to an applicant, whether their life is in immediate jeopardy. If so, from that point-forward, the U.S. will prsafe haven for the applicant, even prtransport to an airport to leave that countryu2014right there.If youu2019re thoughts are being directed by the u201ccaravanu201d, ask yourself: If itu2019s that dog-gone easy to apply, why then, are these people u201cmarchingu201d 1000 miles, to a closed border, and trying to enter a country, illegally? Why is it that they are cursing America, waving their home-nationu2019s flag, using women and children as human shields as they throw rocks and bottles at border personnel, pissing off the citizens in Tijuana with the rate of vagrancy and vandalism going through the roof? If these caravaners behave that way now, what makes you think that they will be good citizens in America?And, by the way, that picture of the woman with her two kids, one with a diaper on, being u201cgassedu201d? Nope. Thatu2019s not a tear gas canister. Thatu2019s a smoke bomb!!!!!! I repeat, that-is-a-Hollywood-style-smoke bomb. And what about the over 800 times under Barack Obama these invaders WERE gassed? We NEVER heard that on the news. Why is it that, as recently as earlier this decade, the Democrats were all for closing the border and shutting down illegal entry, but now they want open borders? I just donu2019t understand.So, my message to you is this: if you want asylum and desire entry into the U.S., itu2019s a heckuva lot easier to get here than the American press will report.
How can a family apply to political asylum in Canada?
Thanks for the A2A. I am not a specialist and I think that you need to work with one.u00a0 As suggested by Brandon Masters, look at the website from Immigration Canada.u00a0 I would suggest that you look at all of the possibilities for immigrating to Canada though. Canada has just announced that they are going to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees so the political refugee system is likely to be pretty crowded.u00a0 However, based on your short description, I think that your family would be excellent immigrants.u00a0 There are options to immigration that may work much better for you than the political asylum route.Here is the immigration website - spend some time on it.u00a0u00a0 Immigrate to CanadaAfter you are somewhat familiar with our immigration system, then you should take Scott Welch's advice and get an immigration lawyer.u00a0 There are a series of links here Find out if your representative is authorized to make sure that your lawyer is authorized to do this work and to ensure that you are not ripped off in the process.u00a0 u00a0Good Luck!
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