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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing g 325 instructions

Instructions and Help about g 325 instructions

Hi this is Lisa ciphered today I'm going to present 10 filing tips for immigration applications number one you can't file anything in person at an Immigration Services office you have to do it online but that's easy first go to the website ww USCIS gov CIS stands for citizenship and immigration services you want that website and not any other immigration website on the website you will find all of the forms and applications for free you will also find instructions for all of the forms and you'll be able to download and in some cases complete the applications online although you can't save them there the website is where you want to turn first number three download print and prepare your draft of your application be sure to look at it very carefully make sure that you have everything filled out every blank filled every T crossed as they say number four now read the instructions again for the form did you really complete everything did you find everything number five assemble all the pieces needed for your application do you need to file a Form G 325 biographic form for example does your application require photographs does your application require other documents like a birth certificate a marriage certificate read the instructions again and determine what are the extra pieces you need for your application number 6 do not send any original documents with your application immigration accepts copies and that's what you should send you do not want to give away your documents too early because another agency such as the National Visa Center or the Department of State might need them when your application gets to those stages remember if you send original documents to immigration you will not get them back number seven do not send any extra information or documents with your application read the application instructions carefully if a spouse's birth certificate is not required then don't send it if information about hardship is not required don't send it there's no extra credit in immigration read the instructions and comply with them in terms of what documents to send number eight review your application carefully don't leave any blanks unfilled don't leave any boxes unchecked be careful that you have correctly answered every question any mistakes will result in the application being either rejected or denied so be careful number nine check the USCIS gov website one more time find the correct filing location for your form remember it's specific to the form and also to you where you live check the website also for the correct fee for each application the fees do tend to change from time to time and you want to be sure to send the correct amount number ten write your check to the Department of Homeland Security and assemble your application with all of the pieces copy every page copy the check copy the photos copy the application so that what immigration is getting is.