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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing refugee vs asylum

Instructions and Help about refugee vs asylum

Hi everybody this is John from yessum more than welcome back and thanks for watching if it's your first time on my channel welcome today I have another video today I want to talk about difference between a refugee travel document and reentry permit if you want to know something about it stay tuned and I'll be right back you will see moon the refugee travel document is a document um which looks like a passport on you used to travel abroad you should want to travel outside the United States of America for example and you are refugee here in the United States and what you are prideful or that refugee or travel document in order to go outside the United States and come back without a problem so the refugee travel document is only valid for one year so after one year you have to reapply for another one if you want to travel outside the United States of America again on the other hand the re-entry permit first of all you have to have like to be a permanent resident in United States to apply for entry permit if we're going to premise also a travel document ball um it valid for two years later you want to travel outside United States and go overseas and stay there for let's say less than three years no more than three or up to three years but no more than two years then you can apply for reentry permit so that document we allow you to come back to the United States of America or without having any problem with border or officers so that's the main difference so one is for two years though the other one is for is valid for one year so the re-entry permit is valid for two years and our refugee travel document is valid for one year so I see some people who are terminal reasoning but still apply for that one year or travel document maybe they don't know that they they can apply for reentry payment which is on valid for two years sometime they that they apply for the one years one and I mean one year one go to on whatever you want to go come back if you want to travel again they sit on the following year they applied for another winter criminal oh but they can save money in time just to apply for that two years and we're going to permit each other they can use to travel to whatever they want to go and for at least two years before they renewing nothing for today's video I hope you guys loved it and learn something from it if you know somebody who might benefit from this video this showed that person and also if you want to see more video like this one here all you got to do is subscribe once again my name is John thanks for watching and see.