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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-730 removal proceedings

Instructions and Help about i-730 removal proceedings

Hello and welcome again to immigration news and views my name is David Nachman and I'm one of the managing attorneys at the NPC Nachman for one easy my Czech Law Group we have offices located in Ridgewood New Jersey which is our main office we also have an office located in branch burg New Jersey it's in the Spanish station close to Somerville and New Brunswick for the ease of our clients to be able to get there we also have an office located in midtown Manhattan and a small outpost in Indiana and the reason why I'm here today is to talk to you a little bit about a change in policy which was actually highlighted by a stakeholders meeting that we attended yesterday by way of a national teleconference so the change that we're seeing has to do with the fact that all now all of the cases that we have are going to be slotted for interview now what essentially everyone needs to know is why is that a change in policy won't before what was happening was in the only cases that were being interviewed when the family-based cases and the employment-based cases were not being interviewed but what was happening is that some of them were being slaughtered for interview but not a large percentage of those cases were being slaughtered for interview was interesting to hear during the stakeholders teleconference yesterday that the government seemed to feel that this was a logical extension of what they had already been doing in other words that they were saying that a designated percentage of these cases were in fact being slotted for interview and they were just expanding that so again all family based cases unless a waiver which has sort of been done away with the if there was a if there's a waiver then those cases were not being interviewed but all the family based cases would be interviews now all cases will be interviewed employment based cases family based cases so this is an interesting very very interesting new development because what it also means is that the government is going to have a tremendous amount of additional resources that are going to have to be put toward the toward the interview process it also means for our clients and one of the reasons why we want to bring this to your attention is that the the the if you're if you're watching the processing times online you'll see that there are projected processing times which are put forth on a regular basis it's likely that those processing times are going to be further out than the projected dates now we've actually noticed for example if the family-based cases here in New Jersey for example that we have moved we were about a year and a half ago moving toward about a six month processing time we are now out to about a year so from the date of submission of.