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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing refugee application form

Instructions and Help about refugee application form

Hello and welcome to this free immigration help YouTube channel in this channel you will find out different things related to immigrating into the United States the proper process filing different forms different petitions and different waivers now I am NOT a licensed attorney or certified or licensed immigration practitioner in any way I just know all of this information from my personal experience and experience of other people who I helped and worked with now in this particular video I will show you how to properly file an application for asylum into the United States another way of calling it is also the withholding of removal and and that's one of the important things to keep in mind whenever it comes to this application for asylum because as it says literally withholding of removal you are applying for the status in which you can legally be in the United States without being deported even though you don't actually have any legal status if that any if that if that makes sense so you don't have any legal status in the United States but you are here legally that's one of the main goals why I decided to start this channel I wanted to help people who actually want to live in the United States to work in the United States to to make it the right way and who want to make it right way you know all of this all of this tools are available and it's all doable if you if you want to put your time and effort into it so let's let's get into it now here I have United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website this is their official website and it is us see is that govt and this is the main website that you will be using for pretty much throughout your whole immigration process starting like in this case in this particular video from filing the asylum application and then filing the employment authorization you know application for employment authorization then filing for your green card filing for your US citizenship all of these things are gonna be done with the help of this website so it is very important put it in the notes save it in your browser because we will be pretty much working with this over here so let's let's get straight into it as you can see there is there are certain things that you can file online and there are you know you can check your K status and all of these things it's pretty good but whenever it comes to filing for asylum we are not actually filing it online you have to file it by mail so the first thing we need to do is we need to locate that proper application so let's let's find it we're going to forms and as you can see all of the forms that you can file there are quite a lot of them they're.