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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form I-590

Instructions and Help about Form I-590

Today we will be going over form 590 used for special volunteer and guest researcher assignments including new renewal and transfer cases this video will cover how to locate the form when to use the form and how to avoid common mistakes when completing it there are many ways to navigate to form 590 and its supplement from the DIS website homepage a link to all forms can be found in the lower right hand section of the DIS website on all pages in the toolbox this takes you to a list of all forms on the d is website organized by audience the most expedient way to access form 590 from the home page is to select administrative staff in the menubar and forms and sample letters from the drop down menu under forms by award assignment or appointment form 590 and its supplement are the last forms listed clicking on PDF opens an editable version of form 590 form 590 is only used for special volunteers and guest researchers for all other unpaid designations form 829 one is required in section 1 the most important thing to note is that all fields are required be sure to fill the form out in full in addition there are a few fields that labs often overcomplicate when filling out in field 12 education the AO can write see attached CV rather than completing the field Fields 16 and 17 require you to indicate the amount and source of funding received there are three things of Note one in general NIH is pre-doctoral stipend levels must be met for all unpaid designations check the o r source book for more information to if you present evidence of a range of funding DIS is required to accept the lower amount in the range 3 if multiple funding sources are used include an attachment listing all funding sources with the name amount and duration of the funding evidence of funding need to be provided along with the form in field 19 be sure to fill in the general research area using terms that are accurate but not overly complex for example neurobiology is a good response while neurotransmitters is too detailed in field 20 please print the name of the supervisor or NIH host this field is meant to be informational not an authorizing signature field 22 should contain the approval signature in section 2 the first field IC lab and location is meant to be the complete name and address of the lab please write out the lab name in full and be sure to specify the building and room number in section 3 the most common error is omission of the can number this field is required and forgetting to fill it in can cause delays in case processing additionally it is important to complete the second area of section 3 if the scientist is an MD as patient contact privileges have extensive documentation requirements once this form is complete.


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